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About Postgraduate School

The origin of the school of Postgraduate studies is traceable to the setting up of a Postgraduate committee in 2016. After consideration of the report from the Committee, the Senate approved the establishment of the Postgraduate School. The Senate went on to approve a number of postgraduate courses at Diploma and Masters Level in 2017. The implementation of the Senate decision began in January, 2018 when the approval was received by NUC.

The postgraduate school aims at imparting specialised knowledge and skills leading to the attainment by the students of higher degrees in various fields of endeavour. This appropriate mix of advanced courses, provision of excellent research and library facilities, as well as teaching and supervision by highly experienced Postgraduate Academic staff will ensure that knowledge is acquired. In general, considerable effort is made on a continuous basis by the University to provide a conducive environment for Postgraduate Study.

News Update

Sales of Application forms

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the University’s Postgraduate programmes. Check our list of programmes

Online Application for 2023/2024 Academic Session

Online application forms will be on sale from 1st August, 2023 for the 2023/2024 Academic Session.


Faculty of Law
1 Law (LLM)
2 Law (PhD)
Faculty of Administration
1 Accounting (M.Sc)
2 Accounting (PGD)
3 Accounting (PhD)
4 Business Administration (M.Sc)
5 Business Administration (PhD)
6 Crowd Control and Management (PGD)
7 Human Resource Management (M.Sc)
8 Management (PGD)
9 Master in Business Administration (MBA)
Faculty of Arts
1 English and Literary Studies (M.A)
2 English and Literary Studies (PhD)
Faculty of Clinical Sciences
1 Anatomy (M.Sc)
2 Anatomy (PhD)
3 Master of Public Health (MPH)
4 Physiology (M.Sc)
5 Physiology (PhD)
6 Public Health (M.Sc)
7 Public Health (PGD)
Faculty of Science and Technology
1 Architecture (M.Sc)
2 Biochemistry (M.Sc)
3 Biochemistry (PhD)
4 Computer Science (PGD)
5 Environmental Chemistry (M.Sc)
6 Environmental Chemistry (PhD)
7 Master of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics (MCSDF)
8 Microbiology (M.Sc)
9 Microbiology (PhD)
10 Nutrition And Dietetics (M.Sc)
Faculty of Social Sciences
1 Digital Media Communication (PGD)
2 Economics (M.Sc)
3 Economics (PhD)
4 Mass Communication (M.Sc)
5 Mass Communication (PhD)
6 Master of Election Management (MEM)
7 Master of Financial Economics (MFE)
8 Master of Legistlative Drafting (MLD)
9 Master of Legistlative Studies (MLS)
10 Master of Public Sector Economics (MPSE)

Payment Option

Application forms are available online subject to payment of a non-refundable fee for the programme of interest as follows:

M.Sc Programmes N 20,500
PGD Programmes N 15,500
PhD Programmes N 25,000
Check the detailed User guide here: for details on how to make payments. Visit the University’s website: to apply.

For further enquiries, e-mail us at: or
Accounting (M.Sc) N 250,000
Accounting (PGD) N 200,000
Accounting (PhD) N 400,000
Biochemistry (M.Sc) N 270,000
Biochemistry (PhD) N 300,000
Business Administration (M.Sc) N 300,000
Business Administration (PhD) N 300,000
Computer Science (PGD) N 200,000
Digital Media Communication (PGD) N 200,000
Economics (M.Sc) N 270,000
Economics (PhD) N 350,000
English and Literary Studies (M.A) N 250,000
English and Literary Studies (PhD) N 250,000
Environmental Chemistry (M.Sc) N 270,000
Environmental Chemistry (PhD) N 300,000
Master of Financial Economics (MFE) N 300,000
Human Resource Management (M.Sc) N 250,000
Management (PGD) N 200,000
Crowd Control and Management (PGD) N 250,000
Mass Communication (M.Sc) N 270,000
Mass Communication (PhD) N 350,000
Master in Business Administration (MBA) N 250,000
Master of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics (MCSDF) N 400,000
Master of Election Management (MEM) N 400,000
Master of Legislative Drafting (MLD) N 300,000
Master of Public Health (MPH) N 500,000
Nutrition and Dietetics (M.Sc) N 300,000
Public Health (M.Sc) N 500,000
Public Health (PGD) N 300,000
Master of Public Sector Economics (MPSE) N 300,000
Architecture (M.Sc) N 400,000
Anatomy (M.Sc) N 300,000
Anatomy (PhD) N 400,000
Physiology (M.Sc) N 300,000
Physiology (PhD) N 400,000
Microbiology (M.Sc) N 300,000
Microbiology (PhD) N 400,000
Law (LLM) N 400,000
Law (PhD) N 600,000


Submission of Application Forms

Completed application forms should be printed out and a copy submitted to the School of Postgraduate Studies, Bingham University. All candidates are expected to complete the application form and submit alongside:

  1. National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Completion Certificate (Discharge Certificate), Exemption Certificate or Exclusion Certificate,
  2. Three (3) Letters of Reference,
  3. Official Academic Transcripts,
  4. Photocopies of relevant credentials, and,
  5. Duplicate copy of receipt of payment of the Application Form

In addition to fulfilling the Departmental requirements for their programme, candidates must satisfy the under listed general requirements for admission into the Postgraduate School:

  1. Candidates for Professional Master Degree must possess a minimum of Second Class Lower degree from Bingham University or any other university recognized by the Senate of the University.
  2. Candidates for Master of Science (M.Sc) and Master of Arts (M.A) programmes, with first degree from Bingham University and other recognized Universities must possess a minimum of Second Class Lower in the relevant field.
  3. Candidates with Master Degree from Bingham University and other recognized Universities must have a minimum CGPA of 3.00 or its equivalent in their Master Degree examination to qualify for admission into the Doctorate (PhD) Degree Programmes
Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

Provided the matriculation requirements are satisfied;

  1. Five (5) credit passes including English Language and Mathematics at the 'O' level (Maximum of two (2) sittings).
  2. Relevant Bachelor’s Degrees not lower than third Class Division from recognized Universities.
  3. Bachelor’s Degree with at least second class lower division in areas not related (outside generic course) may be considered.
  4. Higher National Diploma (HND) at Upper Credit level.
  5. Relevant professional qualifications.

Masters Degree Programmes

  1. Five (5) credits passes including English language and Mathematics at the 'O' level (Maximum of two (2) sittings).
  2. Degree in relevant area from a recognized University with minimum of second class lower division may be admitted.
  3. A Postgraduate Diploma at upper credit level in relevant area from a recognized University.
  4. Relevant professional qualifications and working experience as applicable.


Applicants are to request their former Institutions to forward a copy of their transcripts of Academic Records to the Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies, Bingham University, P.M.B 005, Karu, Nasarawa State.

Please note that all Postgraduate courses are full time. All Postgraduate students are also required to make arrangements for their accommodations as the University at present has no provision for Postgraduate residence.


  1. Any candidate wishing to study for a postgraduate programme in Bingham University shall apply for provisional admission from the school.
  2. The application for any of the postgraduate programmes shall be made in accordance with the procedure presented by the school on payment of the stipulated application fees.
  3. The candidate shall in addition cause his past university/institution to send transcript(s) directly to the Secretary of the postgraduate school.
  4. The candidate two referees shall send a confidential report on the candidate on prescribed postgraduate application forms directly to the Secretary of the School.
  5. All documents must reach the school on or before the stated date for the receipt of application forms.
  6. The school shall forward the application details of each applicant to the appropriate department for consideration and recommendation.
  7. Candidates for postgraduate admissions into Diploma, Masters Ph.D. programmes shall be considered for admissions only an academic session before the beginning of each session.
  8. Any request by candidates who have applied for admission change of department, degree in view, field of study e.t.c must reach the Secretary before the closing date of submission of completed application forms. Change of course or programme may also be entertained during registration.
  9. In respect of every candidate recommended for admission, departmental postgraduate studies committee shall recommend as follows to the School through the appropriate faculty postgraduate studies committee:
    • Degree or Postgraduate Diploma in view;
    • Field of study clearly and precisely stated;
    • The Supervisor(s); in the case of Ph.D and M.Sc;
    • Mode of study (in the case of Master's programme);
    • Status of registration (full-time or part-time);
    • Other specific departmental requirements;
    • Any other requirement that may be referred to it by an appropriate University body.